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Importance Of Marketing
A lot of times an establishment may get to catechize on the highlights of marketing as someone may turn a blind eye on this department which is really crucial for the wellbeing of a company. In this chapter we are going to expound on the benefits of retailing a which entails branding, promotion.
The gratification that comes with marketing is a lot but before we look at the them there is the marketing mix that we cannot overlook. The manufactured item that is being produced is one of the key considerations as to know the fitness of a product in given market niche as who are your target buyers or even service that you are rendering who do you hope to achieve.
The other thing is the selling price as one should be considerate such that to arrive at cost that will not cause loss to you or customers find that you are too pricy. Another marketing mix that one has to consider is the promotion different ways of putting your product out other so that customers may get to know of them such methods may include advertising, the online platform, giving people offers , sampling are among the many methods a company may use to make their products move. Location is something that one may put into the forefront list as get to know and let clients access your products. Sometimes a commodity may not make the much anticipated sales as we have perceived that is why it is important to have the location in your mind.
The benefit is that it is able to become a source of income for individuals in the different departments of an organization. The significance is that it is able to become a channel for the firm to gain profit which results in the company doing well hence even tax returns which build the country.
Marketing acts as a source of new ideas as it is always changing so it is up to the marketing teams to think of new ways of attracting potential clients so that they are able to keep demand the high. The highlight is that the is able to be creation of rivalry which is necessary in any given sector as it makes one to improve on weaknesses and capitalize on strengths. Marketing acts a basis of making decision as the company is able to determine the consumer pattern and through this they are able to create a new product for this rising need or even improve.
Another highlight is that marketing is able to build the reputation of a company this is because they are able to use corporate social responsibility and branding. In the end it is good to hold marketing in high regards as without it the business will not thrive.

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